Teaching staff

Highly qualified teaching staff with the knowledge of new modern methods of teaching including distance learning and new methods of evaluation of students results will be brought up by December 2006. Highly professional teaching staff is needed for the development of MSc/MBA curricula, programs courses and teaching materials and to teach MSc/MBA students.
Staff retraining and upgrading is planned to do trough a visit to EU Universities, 6 teaching staffs (2x3) (24 in total) will be sent by each University to the University of Luton (UK) and Abo Academi University (Finland), Plymouth College of Further Education (UK), CEMI-EHESS (France) and will be further trained at Russian Partner Universities.
For this purpose it is planned:
- to hold intensive courses (master classes) delivered by an EU University teacher, arrived to help develop courses;
- master-classes delivered by Russian teachers who were retrained in EU Universities
Their qualification will be recognized by their Universities and the periods of their retraining abroad wil be recognized as their qualification enhance (according to Russian standards Russian teachers are to have retraining every 5 years).
Having received a high appreciation highly qualified teachers will deliver intensive courses for other teachers of the same speciality.

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