Project Description: Objectives

CD_JEP-23209 / 2002

A.1. The action: Curriculum Development for MSc & MBA Study in Russian Universities

A.2. Beneficiary's name and address: Abo Akademi University, Lars Hassel, Head of Department of Business Administration, Henriksgatan 7, FIN-20500, Turku, Finland
A.3. Maximum grant amount: 497 000 Euro

A.4. Total of approved budget: 497 000 Euro

A.5. Eligibility period : (1/9/2003-31/8/2006)

European Commission
Directorate-General Education and Culture
Directorate A Unit 5
B-1049 Bruxelles

The Project content is focused on the solution of the Problem, related to the Integration of Russian Higher Education into the European Union.
Realizing the importance of adopting a multilevel system of education and training specialists and teachers of a new generation with a high degree of proficiency in speciality, and methodology with the knowledge of a foreign language and computer skills encouraged following universities came to the decision to design a project for MSc/MBA curriculum development which enables to increase the quality of education.
These universities work actively within the program identical to European ones with a view to national peculiarities and Russian Education standards.
Russian partner universities open up MSc/MBA study consortium providing training of MSc/MBA students majoring International Business.
Goal and objectives of the project coincide with the development strategy of the project members and their target faculties. Due to orientation of the region at industrial, resource management and development of international economic relations with European countries, there is a strong need in highly qualified specialitsts in the spheres of management, economic finance and international business. Training of specialists with such qualification is possible only through constant development and advancement of educational curricula, programs and courses according to international standards, European, in particular, using new progressive teaching methods and techniques. There is a great interest in retraining and increasing the qualification of University teaching staff and training of teachers of the new generation via MSc/MBA study creation and development. Creation and development of multi-level Russian Education corresponding to the European Standards facilitate the integration into the European Educational Arena. Nowadays the development of MSc/MBA Curriculum is more efficient considering that only two Universities of four have slightly approbated Master degree programs. According to traditional Russian Educational System the other 2 Universities train only specialists with the diploma (5 years).
The realization of Project goals will be of great interest of all Project partners.


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