The project final Dissemination Conference
took place at the Baikal State University of Economics and Law, 15-19 May, 2006, Irkutsk, Russia.

The list of participants see on the page "Activities/Dissemination"

The visit of Russian professors to European University
took place in 02 Feb 2006-15 Feb 2006.

The representatives of Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Irkutsk) and Altai State Technical University (Barnaul) namely Natalia Prokop'eva, lecturer of Cross-Cultural/Human Resource Management in International Environment and International Tourism (Irkutsk), Maria Balashova, lecturer of Strategic Management in International Business ( Irkutsk), Albina Romanova, lecturer of English Culture (Irkutsk), Alla Kniga, lecturer of Corporate Finance (Barnaul), visited University of Luton (UK).

Reports on last year and recent visits are available at the section Results/Reports.

Materials of new courses developed are available at the section Activities/Courses Development.


During last December and January the Baikal State University of Economics and Law fulfilled the activities towards the realization of the first goal planned to achieve the project outcomes, i.e. Development and creation of new curricula, programs and courses according to the European standards and teaching materials for MSc/MBA in ďInternational BusinessĒ (521512) by December, 2006.
According to the 1st Year plan BSUEL (Irkutsk) has to develop 2 courses: International Marketing and European Business Law. To realize this goal 2 Professors of the International Economy Department will visit 2 European Universities to study MSc/MBA curricula, programs and courses, teaching materials, teaching and evaluation methods, thesis writing and defending processes. Also one interpreter from the BSUL Foreign Language Centre will accompany one of the Professors during his visit to EU country. All of them are going for 2 weeks.
Within the selection process 2 Professors from the Department were selected:
1. Ms Oxana Chepinoga is visiting in March 2004 the University of Luton (UK) to study all the elements of studying process and to develop the new course European Business Law.
2. Ms Svetlana Oglobina is visiting in March-April 2004 CEMI-EHESS L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (France) to study all the elements of studying process and to develop the new course International Marketing .
Both of them are quite experienced as teachers and fluent in English. They also have defended their scientific thesis and have got Scientific Degrees. They are already starting the preparing process for developing new courses and for a joint work with EU teachers from the partner Universities. They have started to study MSc/MBA curricula that are available through the EU Universities web sites. They are also gathering the relevant information on mentioned courses contained in Russian text-books and materials.
The interpreter who is planned to accompany Ms Oxana Chepinoga to Luton is Mrs Albina Romanova, Associate Professor of the BSUEL Foreign Language Centre.

For creating and developing the MSc/MBA study according to European standards it is necessary to develop the facilities. It is planned to equip the Faculty with a computer and a printer for developing and working out the materials for new courses and educational programs, text books, a multi-media projector and a copying machine, software and other video tools. It is planned to purchase books, text-books and periodicals of EU Publishing Houses according to the Outcome and Activity Table in Spring 2004.

MSc/MBA office is already established at the University. The Project Manager Ms Elena Meteleva is currently working at this office. It will be well equipped with a computer, a printer and a copying machine.

Abo Akademi University
Tempus Project Coordinatorís Meeting
November , 2003

Discussion of the project activities and planned outcomes

The first-day discussion was devoted to the activities and planned outcomes of the project. The discussion began with Tatyana Malovichkoís (Project coordinator) presentation about whatís planned to be accomplished by the end of the project and how every participating institution is supposed to make its contribution. She then presented the list of the courses that Russian partners will develop during all three years of the project implementation paying special attention to the courses for the first year. During the discussion project participants made some changes in the original list. The issue of course and program accreditation was also discussed.

Discussion of the visits of the Russian academic staff to Europe

In order to ensure the effective work abroad itís better if Russian universities have one person interpreting at every university in Europe. To make it possible participants agreed to reduce the period of academic staff stay abroad (from 3 weeks as it was stated in the project application to 2 weeks) in order to be able to bring from Russia one additional person for interpretation to every of Universities in Europe (totally 4 interpreters from Russia to Europe the first year). Then the participants decided on the period of academic staff visits from Russia to Europe.

Presentation by the Head of International Office

Ms. Monica Nylund at the International office at Abo Akademi University made a speech on the Universityís international activities and ongoing projects. She also gave a small presentation of Abo Akademi University as one of Finlandís Swedish speaking universities.

Discussion of the Budget

Lars Hassel went through the budget to make sure that every participant has an idea how much money may be spent on every activity. Lars also mentioned that salaries for performing administrative and academic tasks were calculated basing on the EC average rates.
The reporting principles were also given additional attention. It was especially emphasized that project participants should keep the records of the project activities on date-to-date basis to make sure that when needed the quality reports are submitted to the EC on time.

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