The management structure for the project is that each participating university will assign a team as follows to work with the project:
- A project manager
- A project administrator
- Financial controller
Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law (KSAEL):
- Co-ordinator of the project
- Russian academic co-ordination of the project
KSAEL was a coordinator for Russian Universities in M-JEP-10723
Abo Academy University (Finland):
- Financial controller/contractor
- Co-ordinator for all reporting
The project-co-ordinator, Lars Hassel, has previous experience as a partner and as a coordinator in Tempus projects.
University of Luton: co-ordinator for EU members: Iona Evans is an experienced coordinator of M-JEP-10723 and other EU funding.
The project consortium will ensure a sound reporting through planning of activities. Evaluation/monitoring will ensure outcomes are achieved. Written reports will be required at planning meeting and at other times throughout all three project years.
For all decisions all project partners will be consulted and decisions will be made jointly. The decision making event shall be the project planning meeting at the beginning of each year. Throughout project there will be regular e-mail and telephone contact between partners.
The project budget will be discussed at planning meetings and its division will be jointly agreed. The contractor will have authority, after in-depth consultation, to make final budget decisions agreed by all at project planning meetings.


on the visit to Altai State Technical University named after Polzunov (Barnaul, Russia) of Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Irkutsk, Russia) professors Irina Tsvigun, Irina Kozyrskaya and Ilya Slobodnyak

4-10 September 2005

on the visit to Plymouth College of Further Education of Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Russia, Irkutsk) local Project Coordinator Irina Tsvigun and Project Manager Elena Meteleva

11 17 October 2005

on the visit to Method-Learning Council (Moscow, Russia) of Baikal State University of Economics and Law (Irkutsk, Russia)
Head of International Economy Department Irina Tsvigun

24 March 1 April 2006

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